Revolt Duo USB Car Charger, Black

Revolt Duo - Dual Port USB Car Charger
.Revolt Duo - Dual Port USB Car Charger.'
Manufacturer: Moshi
Color: Black
Description: Equipped with two high-output USB ports
Sale Price: $25.00

Full Description

Charge your iDevices at full speed with Moshis Car Charger Duo a compact dual-port car charger equipped with two high-output USB ports-- The compact plug design minimizes cable protrusion when deployed in the console-- The anodized aluminum cover plate is a stylish complement to any car interior, and provides a helpful glow for easy charging in the dark-- Both USB ports are rated at 2-1A 10W, for efficient charging of up to two connected devices-- Car Charger Duos advanced power management circuitry senses and protects your device from overcharging-- Car Charger Duo can also be used with any other mobile device that charges using a standard USB cable.

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