A1-MR Multiroom Home Music System Wireless Speakers, Grey

A1-MR Multiroom Home Music System Wireless Speakers, Grey
A1-MR Multiroom Home Music System Wireless Speakers, Grey
Manufacturer: Audioengine, Ltd.
Color: Grey
Description: WI-FI Premium powered wireless desktop speaker system, sold in pairs
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Our Price: $229.00

Full Description

  • Two-speaker setup offering true stereo right out of the box.
  • Listen to on-demand internet radio, podcasts, audiobooks, and save your favorites.
  • Synchronization across rooms.
  • Control your music, volume, and speaker selection from anywhere in your home.
  • Play different songs in different rooms or the same song in every room.
  • Continuous play without draining your device's battery.
  • Free, user-friendly Audioengine Control app for iOS and Android.
  • Size:  Each speaker is 4" Wide and 6" High

A1-MR Multiroom Home Music System Wireless Speakers are the perfect home audio upgrade bring high-fidelity music streaming into rooms around your home.  Using Audioengine Control app, connect A1-MR speakers to your WiFi network and instantly stream from your favorite music service or direct from your music library using your phone, tablet, or computer.

Maximum sound, minimal space:
Purpose-built for versatility, the A1-MR compact design does little to prepare listeners for such expansive soundstage and crystal-clear imaging.  A simple, elegant design, the A1-MR takes up only inches of surface space, ensuring the only thing filling up your room is your next playlist.

Expand your listening:
Add additional A1-MR speakers to rooms around your home for multiroom sound, stereo pairing, and multi-user capabilities.  Use the app to control your music from anywhere in your home seamlessly jump between stations, playlists and services and play different songs in different rooms, or the same song in every room.  All without missing a beat.

Audioengine systems do not have microphones and won't listen in on your conversations.  We won't invade your space or your privacy.  If you're making a move to multiroom, the A1-MR is the smart choice, without being a smart speaker.  Sorry, Alexa and Siri, Audioengine is in the business of listening to music, not listening in on your business.



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