A2+ Wireless Speakers, Black

A2+ Wireless Speakers, Black
Audioengine 2+ Speakers - Black - Premium Powered Desktop Speaker System
Audioengine 2+ Speakers - Black - Premium Powered Desktop Speaker System
Manufacturer: Audioengine, Ltd.
Color: Black
Description: Premium powered wireless desktop speaker system, sold in pairs
Sale Price: $269.00

Full Description

A2+ Wireless Speakers provide clear, full stereo sound and can easily connect to all your music in seconds. Great for your desktop or smaller rooms. The perfect mini music system with wireless that works. Advanced Bluetooth Wireless, USB Audio Input, Dual Analog Audio Inputs, Silk Tweeters & Aramid Fiber Woofers, Subwoofer Output.

Every App - Every device:
Wireless that really works. Our most-versatile wireless Bluetooth speakers. A2+ Wireless Computer Speakers work with all your apps, music, and devices so no matter how you listen, A2+ has you covered. The ultimate mini music system with wireless that works. Tidal, Spotify, Pandora… all your favorite music and apps play instantly.

Why you'll love them:
Designed for desktops + smaller spaces
Analog inputs
USB computer audio input
Premium Bluetooth wireless that works with all your devices and apps
No network setup, no passwords, no hassle
No buttons to push & inputs are always ready to go
2 speakers for a real stereo experience

Set up in Seconds:
Simple. No hassle. Easy to use.
The A2+ Wireless Computer Speakers can easily be connected to your computer, tablet, phone, or turntable.
No network setup, passwords to enter, or buttons to push. Setting them up is so easy you’ll be rocking in no time.
Keep your music fun, easy, and sounding great.

Small Speakers. Big Sound:
Surprisingly loud.
Don’t let their size fool you as these little speakers are packed with much more sound than you would expect.
Clear, full and powerful audio ideal for your computer and smaller rooms. The A2+ Wireless Computer Speakers are constructed with custom Audioengine components: aramid fiber woofers, silk tweeters, Premium Bluetooth aptX-HD, and built-in power amps wrapped in precision-tuned, hand-crafted cabinets.
Clear, full and powerful audio that fills almost any room.

Epic Desktop Setup:
The must-have desktop experience.
Everyone knows the difference between custom-built, small batch products and the general disappointment of mass-produced products. The A2+ was designed and is hand-built with the goal of exceeding expectations of both value and performance.

The bass was teased from the A2+ with some clever acoustic and electrical design without using any digital signal processing. To say the bass on the Audioengine 2+ is substantial for their size may be an understatement, but you be the judge.
These small computer speakers really pack a punch, making them the go-to system for desktop setups and smaller-room audio.


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