BRIDGE Wireless Bridge

Sonos BRIDGE Wireless Bridge
Manufacturer: Sonos
Description: Sonos Bridge links to your router to extend network for Sonos speakers
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Connect the Sonos BRIDGE to your Internet router and wirelessly link every Sonos player in your house. Just connect a BRIDGE to your router using a standard Ethernet cable. Then, a simple button press will start SonosNet, a secure, AES-encrypted, peer-to-peer wireless mesh network that enables all other Sonos products to control and play music wirelessly.

BRIDGE gives you the flexibility to place your Sonos components in any room of the house and connect them all wirelessly. It's the ideal solution for installing a Sonos Multi-Room Music System in homes with less accessible routers, and allows you to extend the range of your existing network to expand your Sonos wireless music coverage.

Provides a solution for homes where Wi-Fi doesn’t reach all rooms.

Plugs into your Wi-Fi router to create a dedicated wireless network for your Sonos system.

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