90W USB-C Ultra Fast Power Adapter for all USB-C Devices

Manufacturer: Prodata
Color: Black
Description: AC input, USB-A port DC5V 2.4A max, USB-C port DC5-18V5A/DC 19-20V 4.5A
Sale Price: $49.00

Full Description

  • 5V output suits charging phones, tablets, hand-held games and similar devices.
  • Up to 20V suits charging all brands and models of USB-C input laptops and notebooks including from Apple, HP, Google, Acer, Asus, and Lenovo.
  • USB-A port with smart IC can charge iPad, iPhone, iPod, all android smartphones, digital cameras, bluetooth headsets, and GPS's.
  • Built-in safety features for over current protection, over voltage protection, short circuit protection and over temperature protection.

image shown is white but actual product is BLACK.

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