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Gelid Zentree Flexible Charging Solution, Green/White

Part No: X0017R4AQL
Color: White
Description: For iPhones, Androids, & tablets. Comes with 4 micro USB cables for Android. Lightning cables sold separately.
List Price:$44.99
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Our Price: $39.99   SAVE $5.00

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Product Detail

(Lightning cables sold separately)

German Design
3D Tree Array.
Seamless Cabling.
48W Power Output.
Eco Friendly.
Silicone Cover.
2.4A per port.
Smart IC.

Zentree provides a sophisticated docking surface, 3D Tree Array, which accomodates multiple gadgets of various sizes: iPhones, iPads, androids, tablets, phablets, smartwatches or really any other USB device. The top is made of a soft silicone rubber, it protects your smartphones and tablets from scratches and slip-off.

The Smart IC, a core part of Zentree Charger Unit, auto-negotiates the best  charging current for your gadgets and ensures truly safe multi-device charging. It also prevents over-charging after battery’s 100% charged. Zentree is compatible to the latest USB charging standards, it provides 4 internal USB  ports with current output of 2.4A max per-port and total power of 48W max.

Zentree is full of freedom for your creativity! It provides a sophisticated docking surface, 3D Tree Array, which supports multiple gadgets of various kinds and sizes. Position of your gadgets can be customized in any way you like. We’ve specifically tested Apple™ smartphone and tablet devices, numerous Android™ mobile phones and tablets. Pebble™ watches, Bluetooth™ headsets, and even portable power banks.

The top skin is made of a soft silicone rubber which protects your devices from bumps and scratches. It also secures your mobiles to prevent slip-off. You can easily remove and clean up the skin. Keep your Zentree fresh and shining!

Multiple device charging has never been so easy! You can connect and arrange cables inside the case just in seconds… And here we are! Your devices are now up to reclaim their full power back again!

Zentree provides 48W total power output and can charge up to 4 large-screen devices simultaneously, such as Apple™ iPad Pro. The Smart IC, a core part of Zentree Charger Unit, automatically detects proper current for your devices and manages efficient charging cycles to ensure safe charging and extended battery life.

Active Mode Efficiency: >87%
Dimensions 224x159x95 (mm)
Idle Power Consumption (w) 0.04
Max Output Current (A) 2.4 per port
Number of USB Ports: 4
Power Output (w) 48 total
Weight 590 grams