27" 4K UHD Monitor, Black

27" 4K UHD Monitor, Black
Asus 28in. 4K Gaming Monitor
Asus 28in. 4K Gaming Monitor
Manufacturer: Sceptre
Color: Black
Description: 3840 x 2160 resolution 4K UHD, up to 70Hx refresh rate, 2 x HDMI, 1 x DisplayPort, 1 DVI, built-in speakers,
Sale Price: $299.00

Full Description

  • Superior 4K picture - Delivering 4x the pixels (8 million) of FHD, 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution offers an extraordinary landscape of color variation, contrast, and clarity that mirrors the real world.
  • LED - With sharper contrasts of light and darks, LED display delivers a vast array of rich colors, ensuring that moving images have never been so pleasing to the eyes.
  • Fast Response Time - Fast response times reduce ghosting & blurring while transitioning pixels, always keeping the enemy & terrain precisely in focus during chaotic moments.
  • Multiple Ports - The DisplayPort accelerates refresh rate up to 70Hz, providing the visual edge you need to defeat the competition during all of your gaming exploits. HDMI 1 delivers sharp 4K images at 60Hz while HDMI 2 and DVI deliver this remarkable resolution at 30Hz.  Connect your favorite audio devices with Audio Out.
  • Blue Light Shift - Reduce your monitors blue light to protect you from eye fatigue, irritation and strains. This enables you to work on your documents, watch movies, or play games more comfortably for extended periods.
  • Anti-Flicker - Provides a crisper picture by preventing the backlight from flickering periodically.
  • FPS & RTS - FPS and RTS are Sceptre's custom set display settings built for an enhanced gaming experience. FPS (First Person Shooter), RTS (Real-Time Strategy).
  • Tiltable Display - A display that tilts 20° backward and 5° forward allows you to find a sweet spot that bridges clarity and comfort.
  • Vesa Wall Mountable - The VESA wall mount pattern gives you the freedom to select the optimum viewing position for your monitor, eliminate cable clutter, and save valuable space for your gaming and work station.


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